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Best Business for Christmas!!!

Just sell SAKURA guitar!

AUG 18 2008 --

       Are you always worried about the quality of the products you received?

       Are you always anxious for the delay shipment of the products you ordered?

       Are you eager to get rid of the situation with increasing cost but decreasing profit?


         Come on and join us, sell SAKURA guitar this Christmas                      

    SAKURA guitar, more than 20 years' professional manufacturing experience;   

       The guarantee of high quality

The professional guitar player of HONG KONG SUNNY in charge of QC,

Return the guitar with quality problem according to the contract;


       The rapid delivery

              Deliver within 10 days after receiving the deposit/payment;


       The incredible profit

              Same quality as famous brand guitar, but much higher profit! (The price of Epiphone electric

       guitar is more than USD1,000.00/PC; with the higher quality, our product is offered less than USD100.00/SET).


       Would you like to enjoy the happiness of trading? Just sell the SAKURA guitar!


To celebrate the Beijing Olympic Games, we would like to offer the best promotion price to you,  

price is available only during the period of the Beijing Olympic Games (from Aug 8,2008 to Aug

28, 2008). Don’t hesitate, come on and place your order!                                                                                                                                                                                              

1. FOBGUANGZHOU:                                                                                                                                                                     

    MOQ: USD20,000.00:USD79.00/SET                                                                                                        

    MOQ: USD3,000.00  :USD92.00/SET                                                                                                      


    We could help you handle the import procedure including customs clearance, and delivery the items to your warehouse in USA (The freight, insurance and clearance cost will be charged depend on the actual cost).                                                                                


2. Retail price

   (upon the MOQ  to 2SETS):                                                                                                                                       

   The current retail price: FOBGUANGZHOU USD700.00/SET                                                                                                           

   The promotion price: FOBGUANGZHOU USD390.00/SET (with the fee of UPS express USD110.00/set) 


3. The set included:

    One Electric guitar BEG-003, one gig bag, one strap, one 3W amp, three picks, one set strings, one cleaning cloth.                        

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